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Vacancies and Payroll Reach New Heights: Is it time to take the leap?

Vacancies and Payroll Reach New Heights: Is it time to take the leap?

New data released today by the Office of National Statistics has revealed that both the number of job vacancies and people of payrolls across the nation has recovered in Q2 to levels above those pre-pandemic.

The number of job vacancies recorded between April and June 2021 are 862,000 – a leap of 77,000 from the first quarter. Similarly, the number of

people on payrolls jumped up in June to 28.9 million, an increase of nearly half a million and the fastest growth since the pandemic’s effects began to take hold in March 2020.


At SSG, we’ve noticed this trend too, with a sharp upturn in the number of permanent placements being filled over the past couple of months. Some sectors have been performing especially well, particularly Finance, Engineering and IT. Many SSG clients have seen their best performances in well over a year, and some have posted their best ever month.

Due to our support and close integration with our clients and their businesses, we could see these signs of dramatic recovery weeks before this data was posted by the ONS – and have been advising our clients how they can best maximise and manage this growth.

Indeed, the improvement extends beyond just recovery, and billing performance has demonstrated in many sectors to be eclipsing the successes of the same month in 2019 (which I’m sure we can agree was pre-pre-pandemic).

I’m certain most recruiters working on the front line, each and every day, would have had anecdotal experience of these marked improvements in the market as a whole – the most important thing is to know what to do with this information, and the experiences you’ve had at the coalface.

Taking into account the buoyant behaviour of the market over the last quarter, and increased freedoms for businesses to operate within over the coming months, the future is certainly bright for the industry. The question is how you can capitalise on these factors as a recruiter – and further your career and ambition along the way.

Perm-billings-vs-19-300x300More recruiters than ever are transitioning from working as an employee to that of a business owner – taking control of their destiny, freeing themselves from the limitations their employer places on their ambition, and unlocking the potential to earn a magnitude more.

The challenges all new businesses face, however, is that of the business owner needing to wear many hats – all of which take them away from profit-generating activities. It’s impossible to maintain 100% attention on your business development, client acquisition and placing candidates when you need to make sure your business is legally compliant and the accounts are in order. That’s not to mention building your brand, making sure you have technical support and most importantly – ensuring you have the mentoring and advice on hand to grow your business from a known and trusted source.

At SSG, we take away all the potential burdens of owning a business, and allow you to focus on billing. It’s your business, you call the shots, but you have an enormously experienced team behind you, guiding you all the way toward the realisation of your ambition – however far that stretches and whatever that means for you.

You may have in your mind when you’re going to take that step, and they may depend on some personal factors. What we can say, with great confidence, is that the market is ready for you – and as far as we’re concerned, there’s never been a better time.

You’ve almost certainly got some questions – so reach out to a member of our Investment Team today and we’ll talk you through how it works.

If you’d like to find out more about what being a recruitment entrepreneur is all about – check out our Recruitment Entrepreneur Toolbox here – and take advantage of our free resources.