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we are here to help

Discover how SSG can eliminate the backend office work and help you get back to what you do best — recruit.

A partner you can trust

Making the transition from recruiter to agency owner can be daunting. But we can help make the process as easy as possible by providing technical, administrative and emotional support throughout the entire journey.

Here are just a few of the perks that come with an SSG partnership:

  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Free business launch
  • Access to secretarial and legal support
  • Dedicated company accountant
  • Wholesale discounts

You will also have access to the SSG Network, an exclusive club of successful recruitment entrepreneurs that will provide you with motivation and support.


01442 200940

Second Floor, 2 The Waterhouse, Waterhouse Street, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1ES

Email: hello@ssgpartnerships.co.uk